Design Perspectives is a User Experience Design and Research consulting firm. 

With a  background in Human Factors Engineering and Psychology, we help our clients benefit from over 20 years experience in Web,  Software and Hardware projects for over sixty Fortune 500, startup and non-profit clients.

For example, our work at an early stage for companies like Kayak, Zipcar, L.L Bean, FedEx,  as well as established companies like Microsoft, IBM, Universal Studios and other clients has resulted in improved customer experiences and allowed them to build on a solid foundation. 

What is Usability?

How do I know if I have a usability problem?

Customers return products, quit services, do not tell anyone about your product

Customers cannot complete sales

Users completely miss features that were expensive to build....

Customers complain that  “It doesn’t work like I think”, or worse, give negative reviews on Twitter and Facebook.

Users frequently call Support for simple feature misunderstandings

Users give up during registration at your site

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Unusable products are expensive:

Costly to support

Lost customers

Expensive to produce training materials (in most cases, good design needs no training)

Costly to update as complexity increases

Hidden costs of lost conversion opportunities or expensive features that no one understands...

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